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Are ansjer cameras weatherproof?

北京赛车单双最多连开 The vast majority of Ansjer security cameras come with an IP66 weatherproof rating. This IP (Ingress Protection) rating uses a two-digit code to indicates how resistant the equipment is to dust and liquids. 

Ansjer cameras with this rating are completely protected from dust and can withstand low pressure jets of water from all directions. This ensures safe outdoor use in virtually all climates and atmospheres.

Can I connect a Ansjer System to my TV or Monitor?

Yes. All of our DVRs and NVRs come with both VGA and HDMI video outputs. This allows you to connect your system to your HD TV or virtually any other type of monitor. You can also use both of these outputs simultaneously to view your cameras on two different monitors or TVs.

Why image seems to be blurry at night for APP, but TV not?

It is normal, because the transmission of the resolution for APP monitoring is CIF, the frame rate is 6fps, and it is 2CH D1+6CH CIF/8CH 960H on TV real time monitoring, the frame rate is 25fps, then it is normal to see the image seems to be blurry at night vision.

Reason why there isn't output video of the camera when connecting to TV?

1. The cable may be damaged,pls change a cable to test it.

2. Power supply may has problem ,pls replace a new power supply for it.

3. If the problem can not be solved,pls contact custom service.

What does pentaplex operation mean?

Ansjer security recorders can do five things simultaneously. First and foremost, they will record footage. At the same time, you can view the live feeds, playback recorded footage, backup important files to a USB stick, and remotely control your system from your smartphone or tablet - all without affecting the live recordings.

How do I download recorded videos?

You can download video footage to a portable USB drive or an external USB hard drive. After inserting your USB media into the USB port on the DVR or NVR, right click on the live view to bring up the main menu (you may have to log-in at this point). 


Next, click on the "Backup" menu option. From there, select the channel and start / end time that you would like to backup. A list of files should then appear. Click the files you would like to backup and click start. Your clip(s) will then begin to download onto your USB media.

What does lux mean?

Lux is a unit of measurement that gages the amount of light that falls on an object. In general, one Lux is equal to the light produced by one candle (one meter away). 


Most of our security cameras are 0 Lux, which means that they are capable of producing a visible image in total darkness with the help of their infrared LEDs. Without the infrared LEDs, Ansjer cameras will still typically be able to produce decent video footage without the help of the infrared LEDs with just 0.1 Lux.

How are Ansjer wireless cameras powered?

Wireless security cameras from Ansjer will need to be plugged in to an electrical socket for power. Of course, this means that wireless cameras are not fully wireless. The wireless part of our wireless cameras takes place between the camera and the wireless receiver attached to the DVR.

What are the best locations for wireless cameras?

Wireless security cameras are ideal for locations that it might otherwise be difficult to run cables too, such as detached buildings, high-up placements, or a distant area of your property. Wireless cameras can also be an easy indoor solution to monitor your important entrances or your home office.

How far away can I install a wireless security camera?

Wireless security cameras from Ansjer use high gain antennas that can transmit video to a receiver up to 300 metters(open air) away with a clear line-of-site. The indoor range is usually much shorter, since the wireless signal will most likely have to pass through walls and other building materials to reach the camera.